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The cornerstone of our business is creating and supplying products to the A&D community that add significant value to their individual projects. If you want to add texture to your project, click on a category below to learn more about how!


Terra Gaucha Brazillian Steakhouse

Metal Screens | ILMS-045
Project Name: Terra Gaucha Brazilian Steakhouse
Location: Tampa, Florida
Specifier: BDG Architects
Installer/Millwork: Creative Image Design Group, Inc.
Distributor: Roos International



Our products aren’t really just for walls. If you can think of an interior surface, Interlam can make it more dynamic. If you can dream of a project with a texture, Interlam can deliver.  Any one of our product lines can be used to enhance the design of furniture, ceilings, cabinets, drawer fronts, and doors, as well as walls! Contact your distributor! Call us! Stop by even! We would love to give a tour and show you what Redefining Surfaces is all about.
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