Pattern No: Bead

Nominal Panel Size: 48″ x 96″
 Pattern Depth: 0.156″
 Panel Thickness: 0.75″
 Pattern Type: Repeating

 Standard panel size is 48″ x 96″.
 Please call for custom size availability.
 Pattern direction may be selected in vertical direction or horizontal direction.
  1. Bead
  2. Bead
  3. Bead

Non-Gloss Foil

 Due to varying computer/monitor settings, the images viewed on the website and / or printed literature may not be a true representation of the actual pattern size or color. Interlam is not responsible for the buyer’s dissatisfaction due to receiving a product that is different in than the perceived size and color. It is the responsibility of the buyer and / or specifier to request a physical sample of a pattern or finish prior to placing an order.