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Please see specific pattern page for core options.

Core Note: This core is provided as unfinished only. Specific finishing and bending information can be obtained by downloading the information from our specification document section.


Celtec® is a rigid expanded foam polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material whose extraordinary combination of features makes it ideal for carved and sculpted architectural wall panels requiring heat forming to specific radii. Sheets are tough, high strength and lightweight, and can be ordered in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses. Celtec® expanded PVC sheets are free of lead, cadmium, barium and zinc and have passed all three UL 1975 Fire Test requirements.




•Easily Fabricated (No special tools)

•Durable–Indoors or Out

•Will not Absorb Water

•Fire Retardant

•Corrosion Resistant

•High Strength

•Easily Painted or Silk-Screened

•Easily Cleaned

•Low Heat Conductivity

•Weather Resistant

•High Impact Resistance

•High Insulation Characteristics

•Reduces Noise


Professional Theatre, Motion Picture and Stage Set Designers use Celtec® with confidence. It’s the perfect choice since Celtec® meets all three tough U.L. 1975 Fire Test requirements.


Celtec Spec Sheet | Celtec User Guide