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Engineered Colored Wood


ForesCOLOR® is an innovative product that combines the natural features of wood with the brightness of colors and, because of its unique flexibility, allows exploring the third dimension, the beauty of textures and the best of engineering.



ForesCOLOR® is not MDF, it is an evolution of MDF.


The added value of ForesCOLOR® comes not only from color but also from its distinctive composition and manufacturing process. It is a wood fibre panel colored throughout, where fibres are colored individually, impregnated with organic dyes and chemically bonded together by a special resin which gives ForesCOLOR® unique physical and mechanical features such as:

•moisture resistance

•greater internal cohesion and, therefore, higher mechanical strength

•greater resistance to bending

•requires less effort to finish

•ensures a lower abrasion of tools

•FSC mixed credit certified.