Pattern No: HexStar

Size: Finished size - 48" x 93.866" repeating pattern on all 4 sides (Standard if not specified otherwise)
Also available in Net size - 48" x 96"  repeating side to side only. (Not stackable)
Custom sizes NOT available.
Core options: 1-1/2" HDF with 1" Deep Pocketed Hexes or 2 pieces of 18mm ForesColor for a two-tone look. (.75" Pocketed Hexes)

Available finishes limited to Painted finish ONLY

ForesColor core would be additional cost.

  1. HexStar
  2. HexStar
  3. HexStar
  4. HexStar
  5. HexStar
  6. HexStar
  7. HexStar
  8. HexStar
  9. HexStar
  10. HexStar
  11. HexStar
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