Environmental Disclosures


Interlam is proud to offer our customers Laminated Glass Systems (LGS), a distinctive line of architectural wall panels of both exceptional quality and striking appearance. The sleek look of these LGS panels can bring an added dimension of beauty and inspired design to any room, and they lend themselves easily to a number of different uses: as wall panels, room dividers, shower walls, countertops and so much more. These eye-catching and easy to clean panels are created from specially patterned paper that has been laminated between two sheets of glass, bonding the three pieces into a solid panel. The pattern of the paper appears with clarity and richness, while the glass gives it a sense of depth and shine. LGS panels are available in the 34 patterns currently offered with more to come in the future.




Platinum Leaf

Copper Batik

Walnut Bark

Topaz Illusion



Coffee Satinwood

Night Sky Silkwood

Tiger Eye Silkwood

Ebony Bark

Iron Batik

Copper Leaf

Juniper Bark

Birch Bark

Silky Chestnut

Umber Chestnut

Cinnamon Chestnut

Pearl Chestnut

Butterscotch Satinwood

      Cream Satinwood

Ember Silkwood

Charred Silkwood

Terra Silkwood



Butterscotch Comet

Brandy Comet

Cream Satinwood Comet

Butterscotch Satinwood Comet

Coffee Satinwood Comet

Twilight Comet

       Ice Comet