Environmental Disclosures


Please see specific pattern page for core options.


•Revolutionary Performance in Exterior Environments

•Moisture, rot and termite resistant.

•No added urea formaldehyde: made from sustainable materials.

•One piece solid substrate – not laminated.

•Moisture resistant: As measured by AWPA E-16 Field Test for Evaluation of Wood Preservatives To Be Used Out of Ground Contact: Horizontal Lap-Joint Method.

•Termite resistant: As measured by AWPA E-7 Standard Method of Evaluation Wood Preservatives by Field Tests with Stakes

•5-year limited warranty

•User Friendly

•Can be used for virtually any nonstructural paint grade application, including exterior carved MDF wall panels, door and window parts, signage, garage doors and other architectural components. Works with standard tools and practices: easy to handle, cut, machine and nail. Can be sandblasted, routed and carved.


Extira Specs (Offsite)



Premier® MR


A premium medium density fiberboard that offers excellent surface properties for deep detailed profiling of carved MDF wall panels, fixtures and furniture components.


When looking for some of the best performing, moisture-resistant industrial panels for your end use applications Premier MR is an option that’s right for you. This product delivers the flexibility, stability, durability and performance customers have come to expect from our panels. If you are sourcing a moisture resistant substrate, we have a selection that addresses your kitchen, bath, laboratory cabinet and/or other high humidity environment needs.


Premier® MR Spec Sheet (.pdf)





Represents the highly versatile ideal of Sustainable Design Fiberboard (SDF). Medex® is a powerful combination of moisture resistance, superior MDF board properties, and a formaldehyde free adhesive system. Medex® has a rock solid track record of superior design capabilities and environmental stewardship around the world.

•Formaldehyde-free adhesive system

•Especially suitable in interior applications where moisture is a concern, Medex does succeed in the 6 cycle accelerated aging test

•Superior physical properties to standard MDF. Truly high performance screwholding and MOR capabilities, among others

•Pre-consumer recycled wood fiber

•FSC® Certified – available option

•Potential LEED® 2009 credit support: MRc4, 5, 7 & IEQc4.4

•Meets CARB ATCM 93120 Phase 2 emission limits – CARB NAF Exempt

•Third party certification – SCS, EPP

•CHPS Compliant – California section 01350 approved

•Limitations: Medex is not suitable for structural applications, exterior siding or exterior trim


Medex® Spec Sheet (.pdf)