Environmental Disclosures

NAF: No Added Formaldehyde

Please see specific pattern page for core options.

NAF is not available in patterns that start as 1.5 inches thick.

Specific Core Notes:

All NAUF cores will accept finish differently than standard IDF Cores. Finish samples must be requested in the specified core to verify final design intent. If you are uncertain of the core of the sample used to specify the product, request an additional sample prior to specifying the core and finish. Most samples in the current market are manufactured using the IDF core. The IDF core produces a more refined finish than any of the cores below.


The cores below represent a specialty core offering and may add to standard lead times due to the market availability. It is recommended that the specifying body contact Interlam to discuss the specific job and application to determine the best core in this category based on thickness, size, quantity and availability prior to specifying.



Medite® II (.pdf)


A Sustainable Design Fiberboard (SDF). Rigorously tested through a long resume of applications around the world, Medite® II is proven to deliver superior design capabilities coupled with environmental stewardship. Medite® II represents the global environmental standard, matching aggressive MDF design capabilities with a formaldehyde free adhesive system.

•Formaldehyde-free adhesive system.

•Superior physical properties to standard MDF. Truly high performance screw holding and MOR capabilities, among others.

•Pre-consumer recycled wood fiber

•FSC® Certified – available option

•Potential LEED® 2009 credit support: MRc4, 5, 7 & IEQc4.4

•Meets CARB ATCM Phase 2 emission limits – CARB NAF Exempt

•Third party certification – SCS, EPP

•CHPS Compliant – California section 01350 approved


Medite® II Spec Sheet (.pdf)