Environmental Disclosures

SANDED/PRIMED  This finish may not be available in all patterns. Please see specific pattern page for finish options.

Sanded and Primed panels are available in either a lacquer or water based primer. Unless specified otherwise, all sanded and primed orders will be processed with a lacquer primer. Please check with the manufacturer of your paint to see which primer should be used. The sand and prime process consists of sealing the back side of the panels with a clear sealant and then hand sanding the entire surface of the carved MDF panel and applying a coat of the specified primer. The primed surface is sanded and another coat of primer is applied. After a light sanding the panels are inspected. Depending on core material, pattern and primer type, the panels may require an additional primer coat and sanding. Sanded and Primed panels will arrive ready for final painting saving you labor costs and time.