Indoors or outdoors. Wet or dry. TITAN by Interlam is ideal for commercial, residential, hospitality, and hospital applications (and more) because of its resistance to heat, moisture, pollutants, and bacteria. TITAN panels are a non-porous material ideal for areas where food is prepared. TITAN excels where moisture may be present like as a tub or shower surround or as a kitchen backsplash. Interlam’s TITAN panels will make sure you have texture where you want it. Interlam currently offers nine patterns as shown. Standard size sheet is 5'x8' and standard back splash size is 20 inches x 10 feet.


NEW! Shower Kit info and drawings are below.


Installation and care - Titan Installation (.pdf)




TITAN Fossil

TITAN Deep Surf H

TITAN Medula

TITAN One Inch Weave


TITAN Prairie

TITAN Ripple

TITAN Two Inch Weave


TITAN Shower Kits

In addition to wall and backsplash sized wall panels, Titan is offered in all-in-one shower kits. This kit comes with three walls that are already cut to size, trim pieces, and a non-textured shower pan (textured shower pans are available upon request). This will save time and potential mistakes because very little cutting is necessary. The shower surrounds are offered in any of the nine patterns shown above, three different sizes and also in an ADA compatible set-up (TITAN 3660-D).

Titan 3060-L

Titan 3060-R

Titan 3660-D

Environmental Disclosures