Environmental Disclosures

TORTOISE SHELL  This finish may not be available in all patterns. Please see specific pattern page for finish options.

Tortoise Shell finishes require multiple steps. First, the panels go through our sand and prime process using our standard lacquer primer. The surfaces of the carved MDF panels are then inspected and cleaned. A base coat is applied from multiple directions to achieve proper coverage on the surface. After the base coat has properly cured, the panels are inspected and cleaned again. The next steps include applying exclusively formulated chemicals prior to creating the Tortoise Shell appearance. After inspecting, a clear sealant is applied as a final stage to lock in this unique and beautiful finish. The sealant is then cured before final inspection and packing. This is a hand finish. Please note that due to the finishing technique, specific finish characteristics may not be duplicated.


Finishes are achieved by hand buffing and/or hand sponging a “break away” coating. These finishes will vary from panel to panel and are NOT designed to “flow” across panel seams. Trim or transition strips should be used at the seams between panels to break up these inconsistencies.